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Open Source – Strategy review and Community of Interest

The company wished to revisit their Open Source strategy and engaged Indiginox in a variety of projects. Initially Indiginox authored an Open Source strategy paper, which not only presented the current status of Open Source but also included specific suggestions as to how the company could adopt Open Source. This paper covered areas such as the advantages and disadvantages of Open Source, legal aspects, barriers to entry and proposed solutions to overcome these barriers. In particular Indiginox reviewed Open Source deployment throughout the company and made recommendations on usage improvement.

In a second phase, Indiginox researched and authored a strategy paper that dealt with the guidelines required to introduce additional Open Source components, as well as recommendations for the associated tools required.

In order to accelerate knowledge transfer and the adoption of Open Source Indiginox also designed and implemented a company internal marketing strategy including a specific Community of Interest programme.

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